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Our fine chemical industry output will reach $1.6 trillion yuan in 2015

During project of “125” our country economy will turn resource consumption type into economical type, turn high polluting to clean type. By 2015 years, fine chemical industry output will reach to 16,000 billion yuan, more than doubled in 2008, fine chemical its self-sufficiency rate reached over 80%, enter the world fine chemical big countries and power list.


During project of “125” fine chemical industry adjust it's key point to: foreign cooperation and independent innovation, promoting the combination to promote technology level, take into account the total enlargement and structure adjustment, vigorously develop high-performance products, increase of pesticides, general coatings, traditional dyestuff, general adhesives traditional areas of structure adjustment and optimization.


Improve high level fine chemical industry output. High-level field is still investment concerns: special functional coatings and water-borne coatings, dye varieties and industrialization technology, chemical intermediates and green synthesis technology, electronic chemicals, high-performance water treatment chemicals, and functional food additive, high performance flame-retardant and environmental protection high performance rubber additives and environmental plastic additives.


Basic chemical excess, methanol, acetic acid, pure benzene, low operation of sulfuric acid price downstream fine chemical form positive news. Fine chemicals for small, high purity and yield of expensive chemical, fine chemical products and special chemical points. Downstream is mainly pharmaceutical, electronic, textile and other consumer goods industry.


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